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Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyannnnnn. Rainbow Poptart Cat

As promised, here is another post on how to get the attention of your guy that seems to be obsessed with internet memes.

Now due to the festivities of S.A.D for them singles and Valentines day for the couples, ill keep this short with more pictures ( and videos!) and less words

Essentially this is something i bet you girls will find adorable and cute regardless.

You see, thats it. It goes on and on and on… There are several on several alterations of the same video that inspires lines of NyanCat toys and some clothing as well.

You see? there are many memes that are too adorable for girls to give up. Take advantage of this and use it! if your guy gets a laugh or two out of NyanCat, then you got something to work off of.

Check out KnowYourMeme’s page on NyanCat for a more detailed history!

Here is another funny video, maybe it will INSPIRE! you to explore memes you enjoy


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